Meet the animal lovers that will be involved in your pet's care at Four Paws Veterinary Clinic!

  • Dr.
    Tricia Crist
    Veterinarian/Practice Owner

    Dr. Tricia has over 13 years of experience, 5 of which were in Emergency Medicine, and loves being able to take care of her patients. She played volleyball at Columbia College where her team won Nationals two of the years she played on the team and 2nd place another year. She is married with four children and has multiple dogs, cats, and several horses. She has a passion for French Bulldogs and loves to spend time with her family, run, horseback ride, and camp.

  • Bri
    Veterinary Technician

    Bri has been working at Four Paws since April 2017. She has always loved animals, but became extremely passionate for animals after adopting her first pit bull mix, Johnny. Five rescue dogs and one cat later, Bri is working her dream job. Her favorite parts of being a Vet Tech are emergency situations and watching kittens and puppies grow up while being patients at the clinic. In her spare time Bri enjoys traveling, taking her dogs for long walks, and cooking new recipes for her friends.

  • Jenny
    Veterinary Technician

    Jenny has worked as a Veterinary Technician for over 17 years, 5 of which were in emergency medicine, and she has been with Four Paws since we opened 5 years ago. She is married with two boys and resides outside of Quincy, IL. She shares her home with two dobermans: Capone and Torah; one lab: Cash; and two cats: Lucy Lu and Quigley. Her time off is shared with riding her horses and enjoying her family.

  • Kayla
    Practice Manager

    Kayla has worked in the veterinary field, off and on, for over 14 years. She received her Veterinary Assistant certification from John Wood Community College in 2006 and has done both tech and office work at the various vet clinics she has worked at. Over the years she has also fostered over 60 animals and is a sucker for a Boston Terrier. She lives outside of Quincy, IL with her husband, one cat, four dogs, one rabbit, three horses, and one miniature donkey. Her favorite thing to do is travel and you will usually find her marking items off of her bucket list.

  • Kylee
    Receptionist/Veterinary Assistant

    Kylee has worked at Four Paws since May of 2019. She has 1 dog, Diesel, and is passionate about anything outdoors, such as hunting, riding horses, and especially hanging out with her family. 

  • Marissa

    Marissa has been a certified pet groomer for 6 years and has worked in a veterinary setting for 2 1/2 of those years. Her favorite thing about grooming is making a dog look completely different and the joy owners get when they see their clean and beautiful pets. Her favorite dogs to groom are the huge fluffy ones. She lives near Barry, IL with her husband and 6 dogs where she has acknowledged that she's a crazy dog lady and always will be. In her free time she likes to spend time with her husband, read, look up the new equipment/techniques with grooming, and go for hikes when the weather is nice.

  • Ruth
    Pet Resort Manager

    Ruth joined the Four Paws family only 2 months after we opened in 2014. She has always had a love for animals and is a self-proclaimed 'crazy cat lady'. Because of her passion for animals she went to school and received her Veterinary Assistant certification in 2011 from John Wood Community College. Her favorite part of her job is just being able to take care of our patients; animals have such a special place in her heart and seeing them, as well as being able to help them, is the greatest feeling in the world to her. And while Ruth loves all animals, cats are her favorite and she has always had them in her life. She currently shares her home with three cats: Oliver, Daphne, and Two Two.

  • Noxie
    Resident Cat

    Noxie resides at Four Paws where she 'assists' with daily tasks and can be found stealing chairs, sleeping on the counter, and getting in to mischief.

  • Pumpkin
    Resident Cat

    Pumpkin resides at Four Paws where she can be found 'supervising' the clinic staff. She can be found lounging around and observing Noxie's antics.

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